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Softball & Baseball Practice Drills
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Baserunning 101
I cannot begin to tell you how important it is to DRILL this very basic fundamental. Below is a list of the drills we use, within a series, at EVERY practice session

Home to first

Batters can a) hit off a tee, b) bunt , or c) swing the bat and then run to first. Runners must make contact with the front edge of the base and look immediately to their right. First base coach holds a ball in their right hand. . .if coach drops the ball the runner takes off for second (indicating an overthrow) . . .if coach keeps the ball, the runner turns to their right and returns to first base. After completing a perfect run to first, the runners stay behind the firstbase coach waiting for the rest of the team to finish and for the next baserunning series.
First to third

Coach simulates a pitch on the mound while the runner at first is executing a "bunt and run" (this can be videotaped to help the girls who have a slow "jump" at first). Runners round second, with a "?" curve of course, and head straight for third. We always practice a slideby or hook slide at third. You could incorporate a hitter at home who has to lay down the perfect bunt, infielders who have to cover both plays, or even a third base coach telling the girls to either stay at second or get to third. After completing a perfect run to third and slideby, the runners stay behind thirdbase waiting for the rest of the team to finish and for the next baserunning series.
Third to home

Runners break from third, approximatley 4-5 steps, running in foul territory. At the coaches command, the runner tags at third waiting for the coach to give the next command (simulating a fly ball). At the coaches command, the runner breaks for home with a slideby past homeplate. You may want to work with your catcher on blocking home plate at this time. Another fun addition is to actually have a coach hit fly balls to the outfield and try to beat the runner home with a throw!
Home to second

Same setup as home to first except we have our firstbase coach indicating to the runners that they have a double. You could put a coach at second, simulating a the shortstop, and have the runners "read" what kind of slide they need.
Second to home

It's a hit and run! Coach simulates a pitch and the runner steals third keeping and eye on the coach who indicates that the hit went through and to take home. Runners again work on their slidebys at homeplate.

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