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Running Drill: Teaching Sliding Drill(s)
Question ? Anyone have any drill(s) that will help teach girls how to slide ?

Water Slide Drill
On a hot day like today, the old slip-n-slide method comes to mind. These water play mats are great for giving a young girl confidence in her sliding ability. Once she knows how it feels to slide correctly on the water-enhanced slip-n-slide, she usually can make the transition to the actual field.

Cardboard Sliding Drill
I've known other coaches to put big pieces of cardboard down on the field and have the girls learn proper slide technique by sliding first on the cardboard

Hold the Bat Sliding Drill
Also had two people holding a bat and girl run at bat grab a hold and slide. We did it in the early morning when the grass was still wet. make sure they don't wear anything you don't want them to get stained up. I also like the slip-n-slide idea. For those of you without one a tarp will work great too, just add water.

Holding the Bar Sliding Drill
Use a bar of uniformed roundness so their hands fit on it properly....Have the hitter choose which foot they want to do the figure four slide with. Have them stand on either leg and then put the other leg behind the knee cap or back of the leg they are standing on while holding the bar so when the player grasps on to the bar they will be able to swing under the bar so their feet will clear the ground.

Now have them lower their self under the bar so when they swing under the bar they are sitting on both butt cheeks equally and their bent leg is under them.

Now have them let go of the bar and find their balance point by keeping their hands and arms high. Slowly have them move their arms backward and they will feel their weight transfer backwards and their feet will begin to lift up ward a little....have them find their balance point that allows them slide evenly and quickly.

Now have them stand on both feet and as they swing under the bar have them place which ever leg they want under them and lower their self to the ground.

Keep repeating until they land on both butt cheeks equally each time.

Next step around so you are standing at their feet and kick their outstretched foot gently to see if it was flexed or firm. Explain to them this is where the ankle can be injured if the knee is kept rigid versus flexed.

Not put your other foot at their shoe and reach out with your hand and say on three we will pop up because our momentum and our knee being flexed will allow this to happen and then have them take the leg under them to help their self up....the pop up slide.

Keep repeating this until they can increase the force of their slide under the bar.

We have done this on gym floors by making sure they have on the cotton gym pants tucked into their socks and not wearing any shoes and never had anyone get hurt doing it. "

Using Card Board
If you use two pieces of card board on top of each other in the grass the kids make a game of it. Two large refrigerator boxes knocked down work fine. Lay them on top of each other. The one on top slids easy off the other. We use a broom stick or some other device for the kids to have to slid under.

Using Trash Bag
Have the girls put on some old clothes and when it rains.... put a bag in the outfield grass and let them have at it. That is how I learned how to slide.

Try to find an old nylon parachute. Spread it out across the ground and use that to slide across. It worked great for our team when we taught them to slide.

If you're doing this indoors use a matress from a childrens bed. We found this help with the girls that were afraid of getting hurt.

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