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HITTING: Toss and Hit
Toss and Hit
This can be done with one person, but I like to see it done with two. It only benefits the hitter when two people are involved.

It is quit simple. The hitter is standing in front of a fence or net five or six feet away. The team mate or coach gets down on one knee with a number of balls about four or five feet away. The hitter should face the fence as if that is where the pitcher will be throwing the ball from. The team mate or coach will be tossing the ball from the direction of where first base would be. It would be the third base direction if the hitter is left handed. The team mate or coach tosses the ball in the air, and the hitter drives it into the fence. I feel it is most successful when the ball is thrown out away from the hitter more towards the fence so that they have to reach to hit it. Not to far though.

Once the hitter starts hitting the ball well, the team mate or coach should throw the balls a little quicker, so that the hitter is hitting them one right after another.

A hitter can do this them self, and it is helpful. I like for it to be a two person drill. I feel this helps the hitter even more with their bat eye coordination. This is a good pre game or pre practice warm up. It loosen the arm muscle that are used for hitting. It also get the hitter into keeping their eye on the ball.

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