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OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection / TSZ-The Softball Zone
Sunday, December 25, 2011 - Merger Announcement

~ Long-time Online Leader for the advancement of Girls Fast Pitch Softball, Ohio Fastpitch Connection announces Merger with The Softball Zone. ~

OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection Founder Ricky Moorehead made the announcement on Monday December 26, 2011 as they Launch there public awareness campaign for the plan Merger of the Two Websites. OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection has help Coaches, Parent's, Players and Softball Tournament Director since 1994.

We're very excited about the Merger of OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection & TSZ-The Softball Zone. The Advancement of Girls Fast Pitch Softball was our mission when we change the game-ex.com domain from a gamers forum web site in 1994 to the present Forum for Girls Fast Pitch Softball. Once the merger is complete the current OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection Girls Fast Pitch Forum will be hosted on thesoftbllzone.com domain.

The current game-ex.com domain will return to a Gamers Forum and Gaming Site late in 2012 or around 6 month after the merger is complete. We Launch TSZ-The Softball Zone on January 05, 2008 after request from 1000's of people asking for a similar site that would help with the Advancement of Girls Fast Pitch Softball across the United State and Canada.

We won't re-brand the Name's as both names already have great Public awareness. Our current member list is well over 27,000 at Ohio Fastpitch Connection and we want to insure our members that when the merger is complete they will still see the same OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection name and web site they have used for over 16 years at its new Domain at the TSZ-The Softball Zone.

We Hired Motion City Media web design for this project, major forum re-designs and major Security issues will be address during the merger by Motion City Media.

New Security updates and software along with 24/7 monitor of the completed Softball Zone Site will insure the end user, they have a safe place to share the game of Girls Fast Pitch Softball with other in Ohio, United States, Canada and World Wide.

The plan Merger should be completed by October of 2012. OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection Forum should be down for less then 1 weeks in March of 2012, during this Time we will upgrade to Bigger and Faster Server.

Once the project is complete Ohio Fastpitch Connection and The Softball Zone new Forum will be the most advance forum software and tools in the markets. vBulletin 4.0 Publishing Suite, vBulletin Mobile Suite and Mobil Apps for your Apple iPhone, Android and other Mobil platform will now be supported as well. Other plan upgrades during the merger is the vBSEO software vBSEO is The Leading SEO Plug-in for vBulletin.

Social Networking Sites / Blogger / Link Programs

The Softball Zone will take full advantage of the more popular social network and other tools such as Blog, Link Programs.

About OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection / game-ex.com
Ohio Fastpitch Connection was founded in 1994 by Ricky Moorehead, the OFC-Ohio Fast Pitch Connection Girls Fast Pitch Forum growth was a surprise, and we added many needed tools to the site over the last 16 yrs. In 1995 we added Girls Fastpitch Tournament Listing in 2007 we did a re-design for the Girls Fast Pitch Tournament System and added the Girls Fastpitch Tournament Submission Form in order to give all States and Canada Free Tournament Posting. The Girls Fast Pitch Tournament System has been viewed over 4,340.000 million times since 1995.

In 1996 we added the very popular Coaching 1.0 Drills, Drills, Girls Fastpitch Softball Drill Page to the site. Popular could be an understatement as this section has been view by over 17,340.000 Million users since 1996.

Jen May develop many needed Tools to OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection since jumping on board the Tournament Rating System was design to give Girls Softball Coaches, Parents and even Players a way to Rate Tournament(s). Jen has also developed many modular for the Forum Tryouts Filter, Quick Tournament List and many of the other apps on OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection were done by Jen May.

The Forum started out as a single one page forum for Ohio Girls Softball, the forum now cover T-Ball, Rec League, Youth League, Travel Ball, High School, College for Ohio and Other States as well. we even have a section for the National Pro Fastpitch.

OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection forum has seen over 78 million visitors since 1994 we have been happy with the growth OFC over the last 16 years. And the number one reason the growth has been this big is due to the members and users that keep coming back to OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection.

About TSZ-The Softball Zone / thesoftballzone.com
The Softball Zone web site was complete and online to the public around 2008. TSZ-The Softball Zone was a joint venture by Jen May and Ricky Moorehead, we had many request from Coaches and people that support Girls Fast Pitch Softball that wanted something similar to OFC-Ohio Fast Pitch Connection Jen May and I both felt it would be a great way to help with the Advancement of Girls Fast Pitch Softball not only for Ohio but for all the States and Canada.

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